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Shoot and dash your way through frantic missions! A twin-stick shooter set in a rotating world. Unlock weapons, move quickly and fight tons of bosses.

Roto Force is a high-energy 2D bullet-hell that combines fast-paced action with challenging gameplay. This twin-stick shooter will test your skill and reflexes in 9 different places with unique design filled with enemies and obstacles! 

As an intern of the Roto Force, you'll embark on multiple missions to fulfill your boss's whims. The game's different worlds take you through a variety of environments, from a dangerous jungle to a city of slime and beyond.

To overcome these challenges, you'll unlock new weapons with unique shot styles that will let you shoot and spin your way through the game's colorful landscapes.

So fill in the form, and start your internship in the Roto Force right now!

What's in the game:

  • Simple controls
  • A pumpin' Soundtrack
  • 9 weapons that provide different playstyles
  • About 30 Mini-Bosses and 10 regular sized Bosses
  • Can be played through in an afternoon or a weekend
  • Higher Difficulty Mode can be unlocked (if you really want)
  • Generous Accessibility Options (slow down game speed, increase damage, immortality)

What's not in the game:

  • No procedural generation
  • No more than 4 colours at a time

A small game, made with love by a small team

This is an updated version of the #GBJAM5 submission. The original version made for #GBJAM5 can still be found as Pixel Soldier.

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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

roto-force-windows.zip 137 MB
Version 1.9.63
roto-force-mac.zip 143 MB
Version 1.9.63
roto-force-linux.zip 142 MB
Version 1.9.63

Also available on

Download demo

roto-force-windows-demo.zip 73 MB
Version 1.9.63
roto-force-mac-demo.zip 79 MB
Version 1.9.63
roto-force-linux-demo.zip 78 MB
Version 1.9.63

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Do you also make a game Robo force that is free by html5 and inspired by this? I ay team up without dicord. (dont you make me summon a gaster blaster on you d)


So I finally got around to trying this out and I gotta say, I really love the fast paced action in this.

Eventually I'm gonna have to get the full version because this truly is a badass game.


I have the demo on the play store, and it's super fun!

I'll definitely buy the full version when I get commissions again!

very fun. I like it.

it's as fun as it looks

The most juicy game I have seen later :)

I have an issue with the controls. When moving and start shooting I can keep moving in the same direction but if I change direction while still shooting the character gets stuck until I stop shooting.

Mac OS running Win version over Wine


This issue actually happens anytime when you run the game on Mac OS. It seems to be an issue with key events not working while the "Control" key is held down on Mac OS. (Thus this will only happen when playing with keyboard only, and not when playing with mouse or gamepad.)

To solve this you can rebind the shoot action to a key other than "Control" in the options.


Hey, I tried running the demo on Mac and for some strange reason my mac seems to think that it's some kind of malware. I scanned it with an anti-virus but it doesn't appear to have any sort of virus on it. However it did end up crashing on me and I was forced to abort the game. What's going on with this?

I know that Mac will warn you because it's not notarized.

I'm very interested in the crash though, did you get any error message? What MacOS version are you running and what Mac do you have?


As of now I'm using Catalina 10.15.7. I don't know if newer OS systems are able to run it but at the same time I would rather ask if that is the case in this particular situation

Here is a screenshot of the error I got when it crashed.

Thank you for this!

Thanks to your error message I found out that the game does not run when launching it by double clicking it in Finder. 

However the game will work when you download and run it via the Itch App.

(Or alternatively by running the launcher that's inside the app bundle "RotoForce_demo.app/Contents/MacOS/rotoforce-launcher" directly, for the tech savvy)


Interesting, well that's good to know and I very much appreciate you looking into this. Thanks!

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is the error null?

Yep, games on Mac has to be notarized or they won’t load, most of the indie devs don’t do the notarization of their Mac build and therefore they don’t work.

What works for me is to download the Win version and open it using Wine. It works in this demo also.

the games are great but lmb is shoot-and-dash for me so when I try to shoot it also makes me dash making it really hard to play and get kills reliably

I can reproduce this issue on the web version so I guess that's what you are playing. Reloading the page should fix it, or try downloading the desktop version.

ok thx


Real Cool!


great demo! I love the homing shot, but I'm a fan of anything with homing attached to it so might not mean much


Love it. Very polished, can't wait for the full release.


this is gonna be a banger


WOOOOWW very cool game with nice idea!


funni and intes but hard


love the game, it's awesome


really fun and frenetic. Under the minimal simple design there is a lot of charm, cool animations and juice. Loved the cool details like the enemy briefings.


this is so hard but so good!

Graphics: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Music: 39123812049813409/10


Thats an awesome gameee!!!


absolutely wicked!!! cant wait for the full thing, kicks butt


cool game. found it watching through the playlist of every IGF 2020 entry on YouTube. Good luck!

Great game!


such a amazing game!!!

good game